Domain Hosting

STPI's Domain hosting solutions helps the customer’s to have a unique identity in internet world.

Highlights of STPI Domain hosting Services:

  • STPI shall register & host the domain for customer domain
  • The Domain will be hosted at two different network DNS servers on Unix platform for high redundancy
  • Any no of A, MX & PTR Records shall be created based on request for a particular domain
  • The Application software & Server OS will be updated regularly with the latest patches.
  • The two servers will be terminated on a Gigabit switch if internet connection is required for the server.
  • The DNS Servers are Non-Lame & Closed DNS servers
  • Both the DNS Servers are behind firewall to avoid any type of security threat.
  • The Servers will be directly facing the high capacity Internet Backbone.
  • As a major ISP, STPI has Tie-ups with Tier-1 ISP's in the world.
  • 24/7/365 help-desk support incase of any problems and continuous health monitoring of the server