Email Relay Service

E-mail Relay service provide backup to customer primary email server. If the customers’ primary e-mail server is down /not reachable all e-mails of customer domain will be routed to STPI Email Relay server and wait in queues. STPI Relay server will keep the mail for 5 Days in Queue & try to connect the primary email server after every 15 minutes. Once the primary email server is up all the email will be pushed to the primary email server

Disaster Recovery Service

Feature of Email relay service:

  • 99% guaranteed on delivery from servers having clean static Internet IP’s.
  • This service will work as Backup service for customer email server
  • Customer only needs to change the MX Record for STPI relay server.
  • No need to change any settings in Mail server.
  • The Relay Server is connected to high speed bandwidth with redundancy
  • Fast delivery from dedicated relay mail servers.
  • Virus scanning for all outgoing mail.
  • Provision of Storing of the mail’s in queue for 5 days, if the recipient server is not responding.
  • Faster turn-around to tackle the ever-changing spam control mechanisms adopted by Internet mail servers.
  • No need to invest on Secondary mail servers


  • 24x7 customer support
  • Pro-active monitoring of all components of Server
  • Monitoring of backup and restore events


  • Monitored security 24x7x365
  • Card readers on all the exterior and interior doors.


  • Uninterrupted power supply 24x7x365
  • Redundant DG Backup.


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