Online Reporting (Non-STP units) - Instructions

1. Online Reporting System for submission of Quarterly Performance Report (QPR) and Annual Performance Report (APR)                     is enabled for all Non-STP  member units with valid user name & password.

2. For obtaining User name & Password, you may send the details with duly filled & signed Authorization Form to report.png - 930 b

3. The User name and Password may be collected by the authorized person with valid ID proof from this office during office                  hours (8:45 am to 5:15 pm).

4. After obtaining the valid user name and password, units can submit QPR and APR online.

5. The last dates for submission of Periodic Performance Reports are as follows:

    QPR – period ending March/June/September and December every year within 30 days of the close of quarter.

    APR (FY 2017-18) – 30th June 2018 for both online submission and CA certified hard copies.

Click here to submit the reports online

Contact/write to us:

For Reports related clarification :

Reports & Monitoring Division – Ph: 6618 6086/6029/6095, E-mail: report.png - 930 b



For technical related issues : 

Software Development Division – Ph:   6618 6069/6070/6039, E-mail: sdg.png - 880 b