SAN Services

We understand the need of protecting the valuable data resources of customer. To keep in mind STPI SAN service offers storage solutions to fit into their needs exactly. The Approach is ’pay as you Grow".

A SAN (Storage Area Network) is a network specifically dedicated to the task of transporting data for storage and retrieval. SAN provides solutions for data protection, archiving, disaster recovery planning, space management, database and application protection, bare machine recovery, and data retention.

Advantages of SAN

By integrating storage devices, SAN increases the storage space usability and cost efficiency.

  • High-speed storage sharing system.
  • Increases the network bandwidth and reliability of data I/O.
  • Separated from the regular network system, and has an ability to expand the storage capacity.
  • Reduces the cost of the storage management since it simplifies the system fabric and devices management.
  • A good Disaster Recovery Solution.

STPI SAN Architecture

SAN Services

Feature of SAN service:

  • Storage with ‘pay-as-you-grow’ scalability, high reliability w.r.t. failures and availability to ensure customer's data is protected, secure and recoverable at any point.
  • Tape library with robotic automation and built-in camera to ensure easy restores of customer data.
  • Backups made to tape and sent off-site at regular intervals (preferably daily).
  • Backups made to disk on-site and automatically copied to off-site disk, or made directly to off-site disk.
  • Replication of data to an off-site location, which overcomes the need to restore the data (only the systems then need to be restored or synced). This generally makes use of storage area network (SAN) technology.
  • Data ARCHIEVE option is available to take the snapshot of critical data. Archived data can be kept in SAN for 365 days
  • Tivoli Storage Manager Backup software to ensure High availability of systems to keep both the data and system replicated off-site, enabling continuous access to systems and data using Server Co-location that customer's data is backed up reliably, restored easily and managed over the web.
  • High-end SUN servers for backup, management and security control of customer data


  • 24x7 customer support
  • Pro-active monitoring of all components of DR infrastructure
  • Monitoring of backup and restore events


  • Monitored security 24x7x365
  • Card readers & Biometric security control on all the exterior and interior doors.
  • Sophisticated Fire Detection and Suppression Systems.
  • Temperature controlled environment


  • Uninterrupted power supply 24x7x365
  • Redundant DG Backup.
  • 24 hr Fuel Back up and immediate fuel delivery contact.


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