Hubli is a major city of this district and is a famous industrial town. This historic town was known as Raya Hubli and also as Elaya Puravada Halli during the ancient times. This city metamorphosed into an important commercial centre for trade in cotton and iron during the reign of the Vijaynagara empire. The city is noted for its handloom textile units and has many cotton ginning and processing mills.

The district has some of the important monuments like the beautiful temples, churches, mosques, and monasteries that are worth a visit. Not to be missed are the delicious Pedas, the specialty of the district.

  • STPI-Hubli has been operational from May 2001. It is located in the IT Park - situated in the heart of the City.
  • STPI Hubli has a high speed gateway capable of servicing the internet community in the radius of 40 kms, with its high-tech microwave setup and the capacity can go upto Davanagere, Shimoga and upto Gulbarga in the Northern region using hired fiber / copper.
  • STPI-Hubli houses the first of its kind 'Incubation Center' designed for startup companies. 4000 sq. feet furnished infrastructure is fully equipped with computers, Internet, Telephone, Fax, and Xerox, and 24-hour technical support.
    Presently 5 IT companies are operating in the Incubation center.
  • STPI Hubli is a fourth independent gateway in Karnataka having its main center at Bangalore, which accounts for one third of country's software exports from Karnataka. Headquartered at New Delhi.
  • STPI is operating from as many as 48 high-speed satellite and fiber gateways to communicate with 23 countries.
  • STPI Hubli is sub center of STPI Bangalore.


Location :The twin cities of Hubli-Dharwad are located at a distance of around 420 KM north of Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka state and 550 KM south of Mumbai. The city of Dharwad is just east of the famous Western Ghats and is surrounded by hills and lakes. Dharwad district (before Re-organization of 1997) covers an area of 13738 sq. KM and with a twin city population of about 12 Lakhs. The city of Dharwad is the district head quarters and twin cities (Hubli-Dharwad) are educational and financial, industrial hub for North Karnataka.

Nearest Airport: The Airport at Hubli (18 KM). There are other near by airports like Belgaum (80 KM), Goa(160 KM), Bangalore(420 KM) and Mumbai(550 KM). From each of above cities there are numerous luxury buses and trains.


Fact Sheet

- Area 202.28 Sq Km
- Population About 12 Lakhs
-Languages Spoken English, Hindi, Kannada & Marathi.
-Climate Temperature 16-37 Degree C
Semiarid climate
15.21 N
75.07 E
-Airport Available
- Railway Hubli is well connected to Bangalore & Mumbai
by rail network. 18 trains passing through Hubli.
-Power On par with best in Karnataka.
-Water supply Futuristic water supply and sewage
-Telecom services Normal connections; ISDN at the rate of 64 /128 /384/512
Kbps; Intelligent networks; Broadband connectivity; leased lines,3G
-Internet services PSTN Dial up / ISDN Dial up / Leased
-Network Access Any data rates like 2/8 /34 /140 Mbps and multiple access from customer premises on optical fiber system Redundancy provided by optical fibers in SDH ring
- Leased line circuits Leased circuits of 64 Kbps, 2 Mbps available from any
Location in NK to national or international destinations
. 2 / 8 / 140 Mb access can be provided from the users
premises on optical fiber system
-Real Estate Commercial cost / sq ft: 15-30 for rental, Rs 1,000 -3,000 for
Purchase in Hubli city.
  Housing Rent 2,500-5,000 for a two bedroom apartment
Rs 700- 1,000/ sq.ft. for purchase of ready to occupy apartments
-Education 72.1% literacy.
-Recreation Parks Wide open spaces in addition to facilities like clubs, theaters, etc.
-Health Care Fully equipped generic and specialty hospitals with state -of-art facilities, both at Hubli and Dharwad



Softnet services

The prime requirement for the Software Export community for sustained operations is High Speed reliable data communication connectivity between their Offshore Software Development facility and their partners abroad. For the society at large to access Internet connectivity is very essential. To meet the twin objectives STPI initiated comprehensive data communication services under the name of "SoftNET".

SoftNET Services offering

  • SoftPOINT - International Private Leased Line Offering (Point to Point Link)
  • SoftLINK - High Speed Internet Access for Software Exporters and ISP
  • SoftPOINT (International Digital private leased lines) are provided for connecting customer in India to any country in the world. SoftPOINT services act as the lifeline for business applications in global enterprise networking and building virtual organizations.


  • 64 Kbps to 45 Mbps or higher
  • One Stop Shop arrangements with many carriers for Order or Billing
  • Resilient International routes and partners
  • Customer Interface : V.35, G.703, Ethernet
  • End to End management up to the customer using strong Network monitoring

Customer base for this service includes the large corporate, multinational companies and companies having requirements of secure and dedicated connectivity to their partners across the globe.

SoftLINK is Internet Service developed specially to cater for the Enterprise and the ISP segment of the business. A completely online service offers unique features viz.,

  • India's only Class B Network
  • High Throughputs and very good loading ratio
  • Strong platforms for routing supporting diverse configurations
  • Network Management for end to end service delivery

SoftLINK service by the virtue of multi-homing enjoys robust network configuration and fail proof service customised for Webhosting either on STPI servers or as a co-location. The services under SoftLINK include:

  • Internet Services from 64 Kbps to 45 Mbps and higher
  • Gateway Services for ISPs
  • WebHosting & Server Co-location facilities
Facilities available at STPI-Hubli Incubation Center
  • STPI - Hubli has four incubation centers with a floor area of 200 Sq. Ft. each fully carpeted.
  • Each incubation center has 4 cubicle of 50 Sq. Ft. with P4 powered PCs.
  • 24 hour high speed Internet connectivity
  • Switched Local Area Network
  • Telephone facility, both internal and external with EPBAX installed
  • Fax, printer, photocopier facility
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Fire alarm and access control
  • Independent UPS of adequate capacity
  • Backup power supply through DG
  • Meeting room of 6-seater capacity
  • Can avail conference hall on request
  • 24 Hours security
  • Space on server for web hosting
  • Co location of server at network operation center.


  • Traditionally Hubli-Dharwad cities are considered as educational hub of North Karnataka region
  • Main commercial and cultural center of North Karnataka
  • Houses TWO well known universities, Karnataka University Dharwad and University of Agricultural Science Dharwad
  • Karnataka University Dharwad has more than 180 affiliated colleges
  • 45 PG Courses, 18 Diploma Courses, 15 Certificate courses
  • 1,25,000 Graduate Students / Annum
  • Hassle free travel with no traffic jams with Good Housing layouts
  • Favorable climatic condition and cosmopolitan city
  • Well connected by road, rail with attractive tourist spots in surrounding areas
  • Four industrial areas - 2 KSSIDC, 2 KIADB and 10720 registered SSI
  • Quality of education - Medical Colleges (2),Engineering Colleges(2),Management Institution(2),Basic Degree Colleges(24)and 16 number of Engineering colleges in North Karanataka region

Infrastructure Tour


Players at Hubli

Soft link Customers:

Sl No Customer Name Location
1 University Of Agriculture and Science Dharwad
2 Aissel Solutions Hubli
3 GBS Hubli
4 Manthan Software Services Pvt Ltd Hubli
5 Gumbi Software Hubli
6 KUDIFC Hubli
7 NTTF Dharwad
8 IIITB-Hubli Dharwad Hubli
9 Intelly Serve Hubli
10 IonIdea Hubli
11 KarMic Hubli
12 Pluto Engineering Hubli
13 Sankalp Semiconductors Hubli

Incubation Customers:

Sl No Customer Name Location
1 Manthan Software Services Pvt Ltd Hubli
2 Gumbi Software Pvt Ltd Hubli
3 Sienna Ecad Hubli
4 Triya Solutions Hubli
5 Pluto Engineering Solutions Hubli
6 Hiwi Communication Hubli

EXIM Customers:

Sl No Customer Name Location
1 Ritescribe Medi Info Pvt Ltd Hubli
2 G5 Solutions Pvt Ltd Belgaum
3 NS InfoTech Pvt Ltd-Unit 1 Hubli
4 Katwa InfoTech Limited Belgaum
5 Gokul Scribe Pvt Ltd Belgaum
6 IBSG InfoTech Pvt Ltd Hubli
7 Neilsoft Ltd Hubli
8 Penarbour Infotech Pvt Ltd Hubli
9 Sankalp Semiconductor Pvt Ltd Hubli
10 Able Design Engineering Services Pvt Ltd Dharwad
11 BTP Info Pvt Ltd Belgaum
12 Alpha Information Systems Pvt Ltd Hubli
13 Gumbi Softwares Pvt Ltd Hubli
14 Katwa BPO Services Pvt Ltd Belgaum
15 IBS ( INDIA ) Pvt Ltd Hubli
16 NS InfoTech Pvt Ltd-Unit 2 Hubli
17 Hubli
18 Intent Infotech Pvt Ltd Dharwad


Mr.Sasikumar V
Officer In-charge

Software Technology Parks of India

4th Floor, IT Park
Opposite Indira Glass House
Hubli - 580 029
Karnataka - India
Tel. No. +91-836-2257090 ,2257092, 2257093
Fax No. +91-836-2257091

24/7 NOC operations and Technical Support
Tel. No. +91-836-2257090 ,2257092, 2257093
Fax No. +91-836-2257091