• 64 Kbps to 45 Mbps or higher
  • One Stop Shop arrangements with many carriers for Order or Billing
  • Resilient International routes and partners
  • Customer Interface : V.35, G.703, Ethernet
  • End to End management up to the customer using strong Network monitoring

Customer base for this service includes the large corporate, multinational companies and companies having requirements of secure and dedicated connectivity to their partners across the globe.

SoftLINK is Internet Service developed specially to cater for the Enterprise and the ISP segment of the business. A completely online service offers unique features viz.,

  • India's only Class B Network
  • High Throughputs and very good loading ratio
  • Strong platforms for routing supporting diverse configurations
  • Network Management for end to end service delivery

SoftLINK service by the virtue of multi-homing enjoys robust network configuration and fail proof service customised for Webhosting either on STPI servers or as a co-location. The services under SoftLINK include:

  • Internet Services from 64 Kbps to 45 Mbps and higher
  • Gateway Services for ISPs
  • WebHosting & Server Co-location facilities

Facilities available at STPI-Hubballi Incubation Center

  • STPI - Hubballi has four incubation offices with a floor area of 200 Sq. Ft. each fully carpeted.
  • Each incubation office has 4 cubicle of 50 Sq. Ft. with P4 powered PCs.
  • 24 hour high speed leased line connectivity
  • Switched Local Area Network
  • Telephone facility, with EPBAX installed
  • Fax, printer, photocopier facility
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Fire alarm and access control
  • Independent UPS of adequate capacity
  • Backup power supply through DG
  • Meeting room of 6-seater capacity
  • Can avail conference hall on request
  • 24 Hours security
  • Space on server for web hosting
  • Co location of server at network operation center.