The region provides the ideal social and economic scenario imperative for any strategic investment. People are service oriented and entrepreneurial.

  • Educated, Multicultural, multi-religious and cosmopolitan society with quality living standards. Literacy rate is 100%.
  • Locales in sylvan surroundings, unpolluted atmosphere and a moderate climate with good rainfall.
  • A popular tourist destination with a virgin coastline and places of scenic beauty.
  • Temples, ancient forts, etc. dot the landscape epitomizing the region's rich culture and eventful history.
  • For those inclined, there are clubs, bowling alleys, pubs and hangouts for entertainment.

Railway- Konkan railway is already operational.
Airport- daily connections to Bengaluru, Mumbai.
Power- on par with best in Karnataka.
Telecom- 2 Telecom District are operational Mangaluru and Udupi.


The region offers great competitive edge to the investors through low cost infrastructure, real estate and manpower. It has all the advantages of a growing modern city and none of the shortcoming of an over populated metropolis.

  • Offers maximum payoffs, especially for the manpower/ technology dependent industries.
  • Real estate costs are 25-30% lower than Bengaluru. The region offers good real estate setup with both built-up and vacant land available in abundance.
  • Support costs are estimated to be 20% lower than Bengaluru.
  • Easy availability of trained manpower in engineering, management, basic sciences and arts from reputed institutes. Around 7,500 graduates pass out every year including about 2,500 in engineering. More than 70% of them are trained in basic IT. A large pool of diploma holders is also available.
  • Manpower costs are estimated to be 30% lower than Bengaluru.