Managed Tape Vaulting Services

The Storage of data in Off-site is known as Vaulting. The Storage can be on Tapes/CD/DVD, vaulted in fire proof Cabinet in a temperature controlled Environment. STPI Bangalore facilitates offshore archiving of data by means of tape vaulting. This service offered by STPI to customer with more stringent security requirements may select this maximum data protection solution on very nominal price. The cost of proper storage is far less than the cost of avoidable data loss or theft. After storing the critical data on tapes, the customer brings the tapes to STPI and than places them in its Data Center. The Customer recycles the tapes stored in the Data Center as per his requirements

Feature of Managed Tape Vaulting Service:

  • Strong Room with Card Key Magnetic locks .
  • Individually locking fireproof unbreakable rack, which can hold up to 500 Tapes.
  • Sophisticated Fire Detection and Suppression Systems.
  • Temperature controlled environment.
  • 24/7/365 accesses for customers to retrieve/recycle their vaulted tapes in case of disaster.
  • Temperature / humidity control - Set to remain within acceptable limits .
  • Fire rating - Walls, floor, ceiling and door, Tape Vaults are properly fire-rated.
  • Access - Locked entrance, with limited authorized access.
  • Geographic separation - From your company, from disaster-prone areas, from the elements.
  • Customer can rotate the full/incremental data Tapes monthly/yearly at STPI-Bangalore by availing tape-vaulting service.


  • 24/7/365 accesses for customers to retrieve/recycle their vaulted tapes in case of disaster.
  • Proper Logs will be maintained for the movement of media.


  • 24/7/365 Manned Security/Access Control.
  • Card readers on all the exterior and interior doors.


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