Website/Email Hosting Service

STPI offers a unique proposition to customers to have immediate access to their web space, and email space, without the customer having to invest on the infrastructure to meet their state-of-art business needs.

Highlights of the Website/ Email Hosting Service

  • Ultra-high bandwidth IP communications directly into the Internet backbone, with superior routing and management
  • Hosting server Operating System (Linux/Unix/windows) of customer's choice is available.
  • 99% uptime of the server (and hence the site) on the Internet due to multiple back-up paths to various internet backbone peering points.
  • Bundled package is available for the customers who have subscribed for Internet services with STPI, wherein STPI shall host the customer's domains at nominal cost.
  • Periodical Back-up of the hosted site by STPI.
  • Proper security precautions are taken care by STPI to secure the server from Internet Worms and attacks at Operating System level. However STPI will NOT hold any responsibility for the coding errors and any security threats caused due to coding mistakes.
  • Servers will be kept behind firewall.
  • 24x7x365 monitoring by industry certified on-site staff.
  • Redundant power systems with back-up generators and UPS systems.